Bedroom TypeUnit TypeUnit Size (sqft)No. Of UnitsStarting From
1 BedroomType A1(PES), A1, A1(h), A1(a)PES, 474 to 560 sqft186100% Sold
1 Bedroom + StudyType AS1(PES), AS1, AS1(a)(PES), AS2(PES), AS2, AS2(h), AS2(a)(PES)538 to 689 sqft202100% Sold
2 BedroomType B1(PES)635 sqft7100% Sold
2 Bedroom + StudyType BS1624 sqft91100% Sold
2 Bedroom PremiumType BP1(PES), BP1753 to 775 sqft28100% Sold
2 Bedroom Premium + StudyType BPS1, BPS2(PES), BPS2732 to 775 sqft112100% Sold
3 BedroomType C1(PES), C1, C1(h), C1(a)(PES), C1(a), C1(a)(h), C1(b)(PES), C1(b), C1(b)(h), C2(PES), C2, C2(a)(PES), C2(b)(PES), C2(b), C2(b)(h)850 to 1012 sqft170100% Sold
3 Bedroom PremiumType CP1(PES), CP1, CP1(h), CP1(a), CP1(a)(h)1076 to 1249 sqft55100% Sold
3 Bedroom DeluxeType CD1, CD1(h), CD1(a), CD1(a)(h)1152 to 1259 sqft109100% Sold
4 Bedroom + StudyType DS1(PES), DS1, DS1(h), DS1(a)(PES), DS1(a), DS1(b), DS1(c), DS1(c)(h), DS1(d), DS1(d)(h)1410 to 1711 sqft42100% Sold
4 Bedroom PenthouseType PH1, PH21582 to 1722 sqft 5100% Sold
4 Bedroom + Study PenthouseType PHS11550 sqft 5100% Sold
4 Bedroom Strata TerraceType SL1(b), SL1, SL1(a)2067 to 2088 sqft (13 Units)13100% Sold
5 Bedroom Strata TerraceType SL2B(a), SL2B, SL2B(b), SL2A(a), SL2A, SL2A(b), SL2A(c)2303 to 2357 sqft27100% Sold

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